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Only Child Project  This will give me insight from the other end of the spectrum: the family dynamics when there is only one child.

Blog Her  This blog is run by mothers who have raised or are raising large families. I will be able to compare my own family to these.

Lots of Kids  This blog is full of tips on raising multiple children.

Raise Healthy Eaters  When you’re feeding many mouths, you don’t have the time and resources to have picky eaters. This page gives good tips on creating healthy eaters.

Raising Five  This site is one mother’s blog on how she’s raised her five children. I found some similarities between her parenting style and my own mother’s.

Financial Nut  This finance blog is full of information on family demographics and how resources are allocated within households, depending on how many children there are.

Large Family Mothering  I think it’s important to get a feel for what large families unlike my own go through. I’ve met many large families who have chosen to have their children homeschooled, for example in this blog, and this concept was never one my own parents would’ve chosen for us.

Psychology Today  Here are some things that psychologists say will help you to raise happy, healthy children.

The Original Duggar Family Blog  Here’s America’s most famous large family. They’ve got some pretty interesting takes on how to raise their many, many children.

Family Vacation Critic Blog  Family vacations can be dreams come true or horrible nightmares. This blog lets families share their travel experiences with other families.

About Sarah Cordonier

I am a junior Television Journalism and International Studies Major at West Virginia University. I am currently taking Beginning Television Reporting and I plan on taking Advanced Television Reporting in the Spring, as a member of WVU News. Someday I would like to work abroad, as an overseas reporter.
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