You know you’re a large family when…

  1. At least two loads of laundry have to be done every day and the pile never disappears.
  2. Cooking anything in a single batch is a huge waste of time.
  3. You’re used to having at least four other people in the bathroom with you in the morning.
  4. Food in your house never expires or goes bad.
  5. Your family can fill in every volunteer position there is to be filled at your church.
  6. Your mom gets her own personal chair at the orthodontist’s office.
  7. You don’t own any clothing that hasn’t been worn by at least one of your siblings.
  8. There’s no point in lying about anything because your business is everybody’s business.
  9. You feel bad for kids with only one or no siblings because they don’t have anybody to play with.
  10. They first thing people ask when they meet you is, “Oh, is your family Catholic?”
  11. You leave the house 40 minutes early, because your mom has to drop kids off at four different schools.
  12. People are amazed that your parents haven’t lost their minds…or any of their kids.
  13. Family vacations consist only of going to see Grandma twice a year.
  14. People always think there’s a party at your house because your driveway is always full of cars.
  15. People ask your parents, “Are they all yours?!”
  16. Your family’s at the park and someone asks to join your play group.
  17. You have to wait for a movie to make it to the dollar theater before you go see it.
  18. Your car’s so big you can spot it across Disney World’s parking lot.
  19. Dinner out means eating at Taco Bell.
  20. You take up an entire pew at church.

How do you recognize your family as being large?


About Sarah Cordonier

I am a junior Television Journalism and International Studies Major at West Virginia University. I am currently taking Beginning Television Reporting and I plan on taking Advanced Television Reporting in the Spring, as a member of WVU News. Someday I would like to work abroad, as an overseas reporter.
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2 Responses to You know you’re a large family when…

  1. RShawana says:

    One year, my family sang Happy Birthday to my sister, while she was in the bathroom….didn’t even notice till we got to her name…..

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